Serving the western communities of Chicago, the West Suburban Mothers of Multiples are a collection of diverse parents who share a common experience, the birth of multiple children in a single pregnancy. We have had twins, triplets and some of us have had quadruplets. Some pregnancies were easier than others, some of our children were born on time, and some came early. Some of us are mothers, some dads and some grandparents! We have had many sleepless nights and challenging days, but we all adore the gifts that our children bring us.

In the beginning of our multiples journey, connecting with parents who share this experience is very important on many levels. We need the companionship, advice and knowledge of someone who has also traveled this road. As we grow and learn as parents and care-givers, we can then share our experience with new parents and help them on the wonderful journey of parenting multiples!

For more information on parenting multiples, visit our national
and state chapters at the links below:

National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs
Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs